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Sanjay Sharma
Helping Business With Digital Transformation


Customer Management | Business Utilities | Operations and Workflow | Live Chat | Office Software | Business Process Management | Backup and Security | Data Security


English Proficiency: Fluent


Sanjay founded “PERICENT” in 2007 within his natural interest and thoughts in "what/why/how" about enterprise information technologies especially server-side stack. Presently, he has over 20+ years of strong experience and wide knowledge especially in enterprise technologies like BPM/BRMS/DMS/ESB. Moreover, with that deep passion for technology, he always finds himself with lots of interest in building state of art solutions related to Business Process Automation, Business Rule Management, and Enterprise Integration Bus for various industries around the world. Presently, he is acting as CEO/CTO of the PERICENT BPM AND DMS SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED #10 Best Performing BPM Solution Providers-2017 and also as a Chief Architect of PERICENT's products.


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