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Marc Castejon
Silent Breach provides cyber security services to keep your business safe.


Backup and Security | Data Security | Vulnerability Management | Endpoint Protection | Firewall | Mobile Data Security | Backup and Restore


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Silent Breach is a cyber security company that specializes in network security and digital asset protection. Companies are compromised on a daily basis, resulting in direct financial losses, eroding customer loyalty, harming company's reputation and sometimes triggering significant fines and penalties. Silent Breach aims at protecting your business and keeping it safe. With one of the best red teams on the market, your penetration test is FREE if we don't manage to break in. HOW GOOD DO YOU THINK YOUR SECURITY IS ? Are you ready to put your company through the ultimate test ? A real world, team coordinated, determined and focused attack on your network. Let us proof hack your web site before someone else does.


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