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Andy Pham
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CEO and Founder of Zillable


Software Development | IT and Infrastructure | Business Utilities | Operations and Workflow | Project Management | Bug Trackers | Information Technology | Note Taking | Office Software | Presentations | Productivity Suites | Task Management | Time Management | Business Process Management | File Sharing Software | Project Management Tools | Knowledge Management | Web and Mobile Tools | Website and Blog


English Proficiency: Fluent


Collaborative, adaptive, and creative Intellectual Property Counsel with experience in patent, patenting strategies, particularly large patent portfolio creation and management, patent prosecution and litigation, licensing, and other corporate intellectual property issues, including trademark, copyright, trade secrets, open source, M&A, and other strategic agreements. Proven leadership in IP program formation, acceleration and turn-around; demonstrated leader in global innovation initiatives. Specialties: Innovation and Intellectual Property strategies and policies, including patent prosecution, patent litigation, open source, licensing, and corporate IP practice. Ability to explain technical concepts to partners, customers and coworkers that aren't tech or legal savvy. Ability to work in teams, relate to people and manage conflict in the workplace. Ability to adapt to changes, and plan, manage and implement multiple projects and initiatives, including new technologies and changing business environments. Ability to seek multiple perspectives and gather more in depth information to optimize projects and business processes. Collaborative. Adaptive. Creative.


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