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The email client for Managers who want to get stuff done!|
Suited for: Smbs, Enterprises, Startups, Agencies
Helps with: Email
Languages: English
Similar to: Zimbra App BananaTag App Hiver App Mailbutler App More...

What is it all about?

With Hiri email client you will be able to save a lot of time usually spent on managing emails. Drag and drop options, filters, reminders, tasks, contact list, calendar and many other features, will make Hiri your most valuable business tool!

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Who is it for?


Key Features

Hiri was designed to help you manage your email like a pro. The filters our email client uses are named Actionable and FYI. Actionable filter is intended for emails that require your further attention and some kind of action. FYI filter is for informational emails that don’t require you to do anything but read them. Why are these filters important? Only 10% of the mails you receive every day are actionable! Easily make tasks by moving your emails in the To-do list. This way you will have your important emails that require some action, even more visible and properly organized. If an email requires the amount of work you cannot spare at the moment, set a reminder for it using Hiri. That way you will not forget about important stuff and miss deadlines. According to research, we check our email every 5 minutes! That’s 96 times a day! When you open Hiri, you will see how many emails you have received since last check together with the advice to wait a little bit longer. Hiri was made to boost your productivity and that sometimes mean not using Hiri as often as possible. If you’re not sure if the emails you are sending are short and precise enough, your colleagues have an option to anonymously rate your email and vice versa, with the help of Hiri. These ratings on Hiri include: inappropriate, too long, too many FYIs, not relevant to me, should have called/met, bad subject, and not clear.


Hiri email client was designed to help you get your email under control, improve the way you communicate, and save you time. It is a complete replacement for Microsoft Outlook Hiri helps you deal with everyday email overload with the help of easy-to-use features.



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