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With DiscoverCloud's expert program, knowledgeable professionals from all fields can promote themselves and their unique skills and knowledge sets for all the world to see. As you interact and use the DiscoverCloud site, certain actions will earn you reputation points. Experts with the highest reputations will be featured throughout the site in relevant areas such as the category page in the area of expertise, or on product pages themselves. DiscoverCloud visitors will be able to contact experts directly through the site giving you leads and exposure for free.


There are a number of actions through which you can earn, or lose reputation points:

Action REP Points
Write expert articles for the DiscoverCloud Blog Get 300 points
Write quality product reviews Get 50 points
Leave comments on articles Get 30 points
Leave responses on other user's reviews Get 25 points
Reply to comments on articles Get 15 points
Receive up-votes from other registered users Get 10 points
Receive down-votes from other registered users Lose 5 points

Expert rankings

The more reputation points you earn, the higher your ranking will go: from bronze and up through diamond. Higher ranked experts will appear before lower ranked ones, so the more points you have, the more exposure you'll get.


Get exposure

The highest ranked experts will appear throughout the site: on the home page, blog and on category and product pages. On product review pages, expert reviews will appear before those of standard users. Wherever you appear as an expert, visitors will have a link to see your expert profile page where they can contact you directly. So start sharing your knowledge now to earn your reputation, get exposure, and generate leads!

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The higher your reputation goes, the more your exposure grows
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