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360 Incentives POS App

360 Incentives

by 360incentives

Modernize Your Promotions. Engage Your Channel. Build Your Brand.
Suited for: Enterprises
Helps with: Business Intelligence,Cloud Management,POS,Sales Intelligenc ...
Languages: English, French
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What is it all about?

We help companies build their brand equity
by modernizing how they connect, engage and execute incentive promotions with their channel partners and consumers.

Our goal is to help drive revenue, improve your customer's experience & protect your brand by reducing fraud and increasing compliance.


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Key Features

360's Unified Business Platform provides: Modular approach – start with one module and build as your business builds with the ability to integrate with existing business processes and systems. Continuous innovation - the ability to innovate quickly for our customers. We deliver 24 features & 9 releases monthly. Everyone is on the same version – no customer left behind on old versions, or dated releases Out of the box functionality – up and running quickly with little customization required enabling customers to build and deploy custom programs Flexibility – not all programs can have a “one size fits all” approach. Our platform has the ability to create custom branded portals quickly and efficiently. Providing easy claim entry, payment status information, training and targeted messaging. Reduce Costs - reduce program admin costs and streamline efficiencies by managing all program elements in a SaaS based environment. Reduce Fraud & Increase Compliance - 100% of all claims & invoices are scanned electronically. This means fraud is reduced and compliance is dramatically improved so your money is ending up in the right places. Most clients realize savings of 8-9% of spend within the first 90 days of launch. Speed of payment - because we scan electronically – our processing speed and payment is the fastest in the industry. We have the ability to pay out claims 3 times a week. Real-time Insight - We have the ability to report and analyze all data that is passed through our platform in real-time. Improved efficiency – You can enjoy the benefits of a program that moves faster, pays faster and allows claims to be tracked by any web-enabled device. You save on paper, postage and time. Visibility– 360’s platform gives you a 360 view of all your channel and rebate programs.


Drive Revenue: Old approach is to run few national programs. Best in class companies can now run hundreds of programs regionally, locally - tailoring them specifically to environment to drive revenue and gain competitive advantage. Companies that implement these practices are able to increase revenue & market share anywhere from 0.5% to 5%. Reduce Fraud: Clients who transitioned from a manual or home grown claims processing system to 360incentives system found on average 9% of their claims were fraudulent and non-compliant within 90 days of implementation. Increase Sales Associate Engagement: You are competing for a share of sales associates time. Companies that are able to engage with sales associates with relevant incentives, fast payment and meaningful training, are able to sway top sales associates into becoming better brand advocates. Increase Consumer Engagement: Historically, companies who offered consumer rebates had a very manual and lengthy submission and payment process. Consumers generally have a negative view on rebate process and with that - a healthy dose of mistrust. Social media is changing this approach as consumers can now reach thousands with a negative review on your rebate process. Our approach is to make the rebate experience a positive experience and extension of the overall customer experience and get consumers to provide positive reviews.



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