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Conversion Tracking and Click Fraud Monitoring
Suited for: Freelancers, Smbs, Enterprises
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What is it all about?

Identify the source of every signup or sale on your website, whether it's from a paid marketing campaign or organic traffic. Improvely gives you the key metrics for all your campaigns in one place — visits, conversions, cost, revenue, CPA and profit.

Track your ads with Improvely and you also have our monitoring systems inspecting every click for signs of suspicious activity. Get alerted to potential click fraud instantly, with all the tools you need to recover money and prevent further losses.

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Key Features

Track the clicks and sales from all your ads at Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook and everywhere else you advertise. Improvely works with PPC, banners, text links, e-mail and every other type of online advertising. Most signups and sales happen after someone has visited your site multiple times, perhaps from multiple different sources — a paid ad, then a link in an e-mail, then a web search for example. Improvely gives you a complete picture of your conversion funnel. We build a profile of every person who visits your site — across multiple visits from organic links, web searches and paid advertising — even if they clear browser cookies. When that person signs up or purchases something on your site, you'll get that full profile, showing every interaction leading up to the conversion. By keeping track of unique people, you'll be able to track and improve key metrics including average lifetime value of customers who found you from different advertising sources.


1. Fight Click Fraud Our real-time tracking can identify and protect against suspicious click activity on your ads — even activity that spans across multiple campaigns — so that you can stop paying for fraudulent clicks. 2. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs Quickly identify the best and worst performing traffic sources and demographics for your site. Improvely will show you where to focus your marketing to maximize conversions, while cutting the ads, keywords and landing pages that waste your money. 3. Test New Landing Pages Instantly Built-in split testing lets you add or remove landing pages from any ad placement without waiting for 3rd parties to approve changes. We'll start sending ad clicks to your new variations instantly and show you which performs best right away. 4. See How Your Marketing Campaigns Interact Improvely builds a profile of every person that visits your site revealing the sources that contributed to each conversion — every ad click, search and site referrer. See which campaigns are bringing new visitors to your site and which are closing the deal. 5. Always Be Up-To-Date Quickly react to new inbound links, search queries and changes in marketing campaigns. Every report and metric in Improvely updates in real-time as people arrive and interact with your site. 6. Everything In One Place No more logging in to a dozen different sites to keep track of your marketing efforts, organic traffic, SEO and social media.



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